*Upcharges may be applied


QuestPrice ($)Price (OSRS GP)
questIcon Black Knights' Fortresss$0.602.86MWiki
questIcon Below Ice Mountain$1.406.67MWiki
questIcon Cook's Assistant$0.602.86MWiki
questIcon Demon Slayer$1.004.76MWiki
questIcon Doric's Quest$0.602.86MWiki
questIcon Dragon Slayer$1.808.57MWiki
questIcon Ernest the Chicken$1.004.76MWiki
questIcon Goblin Diplomacy$0.602.86MWiki
questIcon Imp Catcher$0.602.86MWiki
questIcon Misthalin Mystery$1.004.76MWiki
questIcon Pirate's Treasure$0.602.86MWiki
questIcon Prince Ali Rescue$1.004.76MWiki
questIcon Romeo & Juliet$1.004.76MWiki
questIcon Rune Mysteries$0.602.86MWiki
questIcon Sheep Shearer$0.602.86MWiki
questIcon Shield of Arrav$1.205.71MWiki
questIcon The Corsair Curse$1.004.76MWiki
questIcon The Knight's Sword$1.004.76MWiki
questIcon The Restless Ghost$0.602.86MWiki
questIcon Vampire Slayer$0.602.86MWiki
questIcon Witch's Potion$0.602.86MWiki
questIcon X Marks the Spot$0.602.86MWiki
questIcon A Soul's Bane$2.4011.43MWiki
questIcon A Night at the theatre$4.8022.86MWiki
questIcon A Tail of Two Cats$3.2015.24MWiki
questIcon A Taste of Hope$3.2015.24MWiki
questIcon Animal Magnetism$1.557.38MWiki
questIcon Another Slice of H.A.M.$1.607.62MWiki
questIcon Ascent of Arceuus$2.009.52MWiki
questIcon Between a Rock...$3.2015.24MWiki
questIcon Big Chompy Bird Hunting$1.607.62MWiki
questIcon Biohazard$1.607.62MWiki
questIcon Bone Voyage$2.4011.43MWiki
questIcon Cabin Fever$2.009.52MWiki
questIcon Children of the Sun$1.004.76MWiki
questIcon Client of Kourend$1.607.62MWiki
questIcon Clock Tower$1.205.71MWiki
questIcon Cold war$2.4011.43MWiki
questIcon Contact!$2.4011.43MWiki
questIcon Creature of Fenkenstrain$2.009.52MWiki
questIcon Darkness of Hallowvale$5.6026.67MWiki
questIcon Death Plateau$1.205.71MWiki
questIcon Death to the Dorgeshuun$1.607.62MWiki
questIcon Desert Treasure 1 Prayer$12.0057.14MWiki
questIcon Desert Treasure 43+ Prayer$6.0028.57MWiki
questIcon Desert Treasure 2$15.0071.43MWiki
questIcon Devious Minds$2.009.52MWiki
questIcon Dragon Slayer II$12.0057.14MWiki
questIcon Dragon Slayer II (low cb)$14.0066.67MWiki
questIcon Dream Mentor$2.4011.43MWiki
questIcon Druidic Ritual$0.803.81MWiki
questIcon Dwarf Cannon$1.205.71MWiki
questIcon Eadgar's Ruse$2.009.52MWiki
questIcon Eagles' Peak$1.607.62MWiki
questIcon Elemental Workshop I$0.803.81MWiki
questIcon Elemental Workshop II$1.607.62MWiki
questIcon Enakhra's Lament$2.009.52MWiki
questIcon Enlightened Journey$2.009.52MWiki
questIcon Fairytale I$1.607.62MWiki
questIcon Fairytale II$2.009.52MWiki
questIcon Family Crest$1.205.71MWiki
questIcon Fight Arena$0.803.81MWiki
questIcon Fishing Contest$0.401.90MWiki
questIcon Forgettable Tale...$4.0019.05MWiki
questIcon Garden of Tranquillity$3.6017.14MWiki
questIcon Gertrude's Cat$0.803.81MWiki
questIcon Ghosts Ahoy$2.009.52MWiki
questIcon Getting Ahead$0.803.81MWiki
questIcon Grim Tales$2.4011.43MWiki
questIcon Haunted Mine$2.009.52MWiki
questIcon Hazeel Cult$0.803.81MWiki
questIcon Heroes' Quest$2.4011.43MWiki
questIcon Holy Grail$1.607.62MWiki
questIcon Horror from the Deep$1.607.62MWiki
questIcon Horror from the Deep + BarCrawl$2.4011.43MWiki
questIcon Icthlarin's Little Helper$2.4011.43MWiki
questIcon In Aid of the Myreque$3.6017.14MWiki
questIcon In Search of the Myreque$1.607.62MWiki
questIcon Jungle Potion$0.803.81MWiki
questIcon King's Ransom$2.009.52MWiki
questIcon A Kingdom Divided$6.0028.57MWiki
questIcon Legends' Quest$4.0019.05MWiki
questIcon Lost City$1.205.71MWiki
questIcon Lunar Diplomacy$4.8022.86MWiki
questIcon Making Friends with My Arm$2.009.52MWiki
questIcon Making History$1.205.71MWiki
questIcon Merlin's Crystal$0.803.81MWiki
questIcon Monk's Friend$0.803.81MWiki
questIcon Monkey Madness I 1 Prayer$7.2034.29MWiki
questIcon MM I 43+ Prayer$4.0019.05MWiki
questIcon MM II High CB$12.8060.95MWiki
questIcon MM II Low CB$16.0076.19MWiki
questIcon Mountain Daughter$1.607.62MWiki
questIcon Mourning's Ends Part I$3.2015.24MWiki
questIcon MEP II Above 70$7.2034.29MWiki
questIcon MEP II Below 70$10.0047.62MWiki
questIcon Murder Mystery$0.803.81MWiki
questIcon My Arm's Big Adventure$2.009.52MWiki
questIcon Nature Spirit$1.205.71MWiki
questIcon Observatory Quest$1.205.71MWiki
questIcon Olaf's Quest$1.607.62MWiki
questIcon One Small Favor$4.0019.05MWiki
questIcon Plague City$0.803.81MWiki
questIcon A Porcine of Interest$1.205.71MWiki
questIcon Priest in Peril$1.205.71MWiki
questIcon Perilous Moons$8.0038.10MWiki
questIcon Rag and Bone Man$2.009.52MWiki
questIcon Rag and Bone Man II$6.0028.57MWiki
questIcon Ratcatchers w/Cat$6.0028.57MWiki
questIcon Ratcatchers w/Kitten$8.0038.10MWiki
questIcon Recruitment Drive$1.205.71MWiki
questIcon Regicide 60+ Agil$3.6017.14MWiki
questIcon Regicide - Low Agil$6.0028.57MWiki
questIcon Roving Elves$2.009.52MWiki
questIcon Royal Trouble$1.607.62MWiki
questIcon Rum Deal$1.607.62MWiki
questIcon Scorpion Catcher$1.205.71MWiki
questIcon Scorpion Catcher + Barcrawl$2.4011.43MWiki
questIcon Sea Slug$1.607.62MWiki
questIcon Secrets of the North$5.0023.81MWiki
questIcon Shades of Mort'ton$2.009.52MWiki
questIcon Shadow of the Storm$1.607.62MWiki
questIcon Sheep Herder$1.205.71MWiki
questIcon Shilo Village$2.4011.43MWiki
questIcon Sins of the Father$6.0028.57MWiki
questIcon Spirits of the Elid$1.607.62MWiki
questIcon Swan Song$2.4011.43MWiki
questIcon Song of the elves$14.0066.67MWiki
questIcon Tai Bwo Wannai Trio$1.607.62MWiki
questIcon Tale of the Righteous$1.607.62MWiki
questIcon Tears of Guthix$0.803.81MWiki
questIcon Temple of Ikov$1.607.62MWiki
questIcon The Depths of Despair$2.009.52MWiki
questIcon The Dig Site$2.4011.43MWiki
questIcon The Eyes of Glouphrie$1.607.62MWiki
questIcon The Garden of Death$1.205.71MWiki
questIcon The Feud$2.8013.33MWiki
questIcon The Forsaken Tower$2.009.52MWiki
questIcon The Fremennik Isles$2.4011.43MWiki
questIcon The Fremennik Trials$3.6017.14MWiki
questIcon The Fremennik Exiles$3.2015.24MWiki
questIcon The Giant Dwarf$2.8013.33MWiki
questIcon The Golem$2.009.52MWiki
questIcon The Grand Tree$1.607.62MWiki
questIcon The Great Brain Robbery$2.009.52MWiki
questIcon The Hand in the Sand$1.205.71MWiki
questIcon The Lost Tribe$1.205.71MWiki
questIcon The Queen of Thieves$1.205.71MWiki
questIcon The Slug Menace$2.009.52MWiki
questIcon The Tourist Trap$1.607.62MWiki
questIcon Throne of Miscellania$2.8013.33MWiki
questIcon Tower of Life$2.009.52MWiki
questIcon Tree Gnome Village$1.205.71MWiki
questIcon Tribal Totem$0.803.81MWiki
questIcon Troll Romance$1.607.62MWiki
questIcon Troll Stronghold$1.205.71MWiki
questIcon Underground Pass 60 + Agility$4.8022.86MWiki
questIcon Underground Pass Low Agility$6.8032.38MWiki
questIcon Wanted!$2.4011.43MWiki
questIcon Watchtower$2.4011.43MWiki
questIcon Waterfall Quest$1.205.71MWiki
questIcon What Lies Below$1.607.62MWiki
questIcon Witch's House$0.803.81MWiki
questIcon Zogre Flesh Eaters$1.607.62MWiki
questIcon RFD - Another Cook's Quest$0.602.86MWiki
questIcon RFD - Defeating the Culinaromancer$2.009.52MWiki
questIcon RFD - Freeing Evil Dave W/Cat$2.009.52MWiki
questIcon RFD - Freeing Evil Dave W/Kitten$3.2015.24MWiki
questIcon RFD -Freeing King Awowogei$2.009.52MWiki
questIcon RFD - Freeing King Awowogei + x4 Greegree$3.2015.24MWiki
questIcon RFD - Freeing Pirate Pete$1.205.71MWiki
questIcon RFD - Freeing Sir Amik Varze$2.4011.43MWiki
questIcon RFD - Freeing Skrach Uglogwee$1.607.62MWiki
questIcon RFD - Freeing the Goblin generals$0.803.81MWiki
questIcon RFD - Freeing the Lumbridge Guide$0.803.81MWiki
questIcon RFD - Freeing the Mountain Dwarf$0.803.81MWiki
questIcon The Ribbiting Tale of a Lily Pad Labour Dispute$2.5011.90MWiki
questIcon Twilight's Promise$3.0014.29MWiki
questIcon At First Light$4.5021.43MWiki
questIcon The Path of Glouphrie$2.8013.33MWiki
questIcon Temple of the Eye$4.0019.05MWiki
questIcon Sleeping Giants$2.009.52MWiki
questIcon Defender of Varrock$4.0019.05MWiki
questIcon Land of the Goblins$4.0019.05MWiki
questIcon Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl$1.205.71MWiki
questIcon Bear your Soul$2.009.52MWiki
questIcon Curse of the Empty Lord$3.1014.76MWiki
questIcon Enchanted Key$3.9018.57MWiki
questIcon Daddy's home$1.607.62MWiki
questIcon Enter the Abyss$1.607.62MWiki
questIcon Family Pest$1.205.71MWiki
questIcon The General's Shadow$2.009.52MWiki
questIcon In Search of Knowledge$4.7022.38MWiki
questIcon Lair of Tarn Razorlor$1.607.62MWiki
questIcon Skippy and the Mogres$0.803.81MWiki
questIcon Mage Arena I$1.205.71MWiki
questIcon Mage Arena II w/casts$5.2024.76MWiki
questIcon Mage Arena II w/casts$8.8041.90MWiki
questIcon Hopespear's Will$1.607.62MWiki

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