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Minigame ItemPrice ($)Price (OSRS GP)Quantity
Pest Control Points Pest Control Points (x1000)$5.0023.81M

Last Man Standing Last Man Standing (x10)$2.009.52M

Swift blade Swift blade$70.00333.33M

Halo Halo$90.00428.57M

Saradomin tear Saradomin tear$90.00428.57M

Special attack recolour Special attack recolour$90.00428.57M

Rune pouch Rune pouch$15.0071.43M

Trouver parchment Trouver parchment$3.6017.14M

Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter (x10)$5.7027.14M

Scroll of Imbuing Scroll of Imbuing$5.0023.81M

Fighter torso Fighter torso$12.0057.14M

Queen Kill Queen Kill (x1)$4.0019.05M

Level 5 role Level 5 role$15.0071.43M

Level 5 all role Level 5 all role$60.00285.71M

Fighter Hat Fighter Hat$10.0047.62M

Penance Skirt Penance Skirt$12.0057.14M

Penance Gloves Penance Gloves$5.0023.81M

Penance Boots Penance Boots$5.0023.81M

Pest Control Novice boat Pest Control Novice boat (x100)$3.0014.29M

Pest Control Intermediate boat Pest Control Intermediate boat (x100)$2.5011.90M


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