Security Measures


At MyPvM, we prioritize the security of our clients. That's why we have developed a safe to use plugin that ensures the highest level of safety for our users. In comparison to other competitors on the market, our plugin provides the best level of security available.
Please take some minutes to read, it will completely comfort you to use us as your service provider.

Our highlights

· No Login-info sharing with workers
No Admin, No manager nor your worker will have access to your details. You are the only one that will know your details at any given time.

· /get or /getdm
The command /get in our discord server allows you to see live screenshots of your account being worked on including the worker, the worker UID and the VPN being used.

· Account Management Tab
We deactivated the account management tab, so that your worker can not link any social accounts.

Our changes to the account service standards

· Higher hiring standards
We have a higher hiring standard than other services, and that includes doxing yourself as an applicant. Additionally, Boosters are only joining via vouch of another booster or having multiple and good external vouches.

· Deposits
Despite all the security measures, boosters still hold a deposit matching your account value, so that both sides have a peaceful mind in case something malicious happens.

We will be using a VPN, assuring higher security, and masking who is playing by having an IP from your country. Therefore, you won't become an easy target to Jagex.

· Trust
In comparison to other developing countries, where 1000 dollars are life-changing money and therefore "worth" to scam, that is not the case with us. We deal with those amounts daily, and it can be verified by the feedback we get.

Security Plugin

Our plugin allows us to track many things. We run it under the motto: “No Excuses. Only evidence at any given time.” The ones important to you are:

· Logins/Logouts

We can track:
o Worker that logged in
o IP of the worker
o Country/VPN that is being used
o Time of logins/logouts.

· Item drops
We will be able to provide you screenshots of any valuable item that was dropped.

· Trades
Every single trade will be tracked and can be provided

· Deaths
If requested, we can show you every single death.

· World hops
If your account hops to an PVP world we will be able to see.

· Only official Runelite plugins available.
As the plugin only works with the official Runelite client, non-vanilla plugins will be turned off by default.

How does it work?

1. Type the command /addaccount and fill out the form popping up.
2. /addaccount Username:MyRSLogin Password:MyRSPw Bankpin:4680
3. If a bank pin is not needed please type 0000.
4. Below is a GIF that shows you how it works.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are my login and password safe with your system?
- Yes, if you use the command correctly and follow our other security measures like having the authenticator enabled your account is safer than in any other place. After the service all information will be deleted.

2. How do I use the command?

- Once your ticket is created on the office channel and an order posted please run the /addaccount command. Follow the command and fill it out. It should look like this before sending it
/addaccount Username:MyRSLogin Password:MyRSPw Bankpin:4680
If your bank pin is not needed enter 0000.

3. What are the benefits of this?
- To put it short higher security standards. As services can be a very shady part of Runescape we aimed for our plugin to make it fully transparent. In case of any disputes, we will be able to 99.9% pinpoint whose fault it is/was.

4. Does this cost anything?
- No, this will be our standard for any kind of service and free of charge. Exceptions are Infernal and RS3 services.

5. That's all great and stuff, but I am afraid to use it, as i do not understand how it works.
- Please ask for a manager for help.

6. What are you guys able to track?
- We can track any occurring situation and we will have bulletproof evidence. However, as this is brand new and we need to learn ourselves as well, there might be unpredictable scenarios that we do not have control of.

7. How does my booster login then?

Please see this picture.$lXF9b6XpuuA1wwoQuf5ILmh0dHBzOi8vY2RuLmRpc2NvcmRhcHAuY29tL2F0dGFjaG1lbnRzLzczNTk3NzM1ODg1ODY0OTY4Mi85NzgzMDM5MzUxNTg4MTY3ODgvamF2YV9TNlcwMXJjSUR3LmdpZg

Nevertheless, always complete these steps after a services:

  1. Change your Password.
  2. Change your Bankpin.
  3. Do not use the same passwords for multiple services.
  4. Make sure no wealth is missing