💰 Wallet & Bonus System

How do I charge it?

  • Open a ticket and speak with a manager and he will take care of you.

    Can I get the money back if I don't use it?
  • Yes. Check our Terms & Conditions.

    How do I check my Client Wallet?
  • You can run the command -cwallet or -check or -wallet inside any ticket, or in the MyPvM Office Server once you purchase something.

    Where can I use my cwallet?
  • For every available service in this discord or for buying gold.

    Why do we use a wallet?
  • It is safe to use, we reduce the RWT aspect by a lot and therefore experience less bans, paying a bigger sum and chipping it down with small orders fastens up the payment process and there is no payment processing wait time.

Bonus Discounts

  • Stacks with Discount Roles (3-11%) & Reviews (2-5%)
  • Combat achievements on team are not included.
  • Max efficiency is not included.
  • Sales will always replace this %'s.
  • GP & Memberships not included
  • Maximum Discount = 28%

Discount based on order values

  • $200 = 5% OFF on the current order.
  • $400 = 7% OFF on the current order.
  • $500 = 9% OFF on the current order.
  • $1000 = 12% OFF on the current order.

Multiple orders can be purchased with the discount, and be put on hold.


Up to 5% DISCOUNT that stacks with everything

  • 3% OFF - Trustpilot - You'll need to review every order
  • 2% OFF - Google - One review is enough

Our customers rely on reviews from insightful people such as yourself to decide if they should do services with us. Please leave feedback when ordering and post it in the ticket, and you will get a discount.


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