🔒 Security Plugin - Pros and Cons


The Booster will not have access to any of your account details

  • Login email/name
  • Password
  • Bank Pin
  • Name change
  • Account Management (can't link socials)

We are able to track

  • VPN/IP
  • Item drops
  • Deaths
  • Logins (time etc.)
  • World hops (If PVP)
  • Bank access
  • Trades


  • With this plugin, we can be certain that Runelite is being used, as it is not possible to access the account without using our plugin and therefore can guarantee that every service (if using our safety feature) is being hand-done.
  • The account management tab will be locked and not accessible, meaning Boosters can not connect to your runescape account via for example Google.
  • The "!get" command allows you to take live in-game screenshot. You can see the work being done whenever you want.


  • Force-Logout. If you want the booster to leave the game you will be able to.


Very slim chance to receive a minor ban, but the likelihood of this happening is close to zero. Our plugin does not interact with the game at all, only with Runelite.

If it happens, you can try to resolve the issue by recovering the account and claiming that it was compromised.

We have not received any bans yet, and we will continue to update you if anything changes.


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