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the Start of your Journey

  • The absolute best and easiest start is to either buy a premade account or get yourself 99FM, 70 agility, 77 runecrafting and 83 hunter. The crates from wintertodt, high agility level and graceful outfit and the runes from GotR will help with building up your account massively.

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Getting your first GP

  • Next up is gathering some GP for you to spend on various stuff. It is recommended to get the rogue outfit for double loot and therefore twice as much GP.

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Questing Part I - Barrows Gloves

  • Once you are set up with the skills and GP your next goal should be to get Barrows Gloves. It is a nice mid term goal and will be needed much further down the line as well.

Questing Part II - Song of the Elves

  • In order for point 6 to work and have an optimal setup it will be needed to get the requirements and completion of Song of the Elves. The questline unlocks the gauntlet and the rewards open the door for endgame PvM.

Mega- / Gigascales and Prayers

  • To save yourself a lot of time it is a good point to get yourself Rigour & Augury. The best way to do this is by purchasing Mega- or Gigascales. (!megascales more information)
  • To unlock both you will need to buy about 8 Gigascales or 10/11 Megascales on average.

Gauntlet - Bowfa and/or Blade

  • With your fresh prayer unlocks it is time for the last step of your PvM preparations. The best possible scenario is that you unlock the BowFa and blade as they will make you company for a long time.

Explore the High Level PvM World of Runescape

There are a lot of things you can do if you followed this route. Some Suggestions are:

Additional Useful Goals

  • Slayer - The unlock the best gear possible, you will need to train your slayer level up. Things like the Trident, Occult Necklace & Primordials/Pegasians are essential for various other activities.
  • Player Owned House - Make your life easier by leveling your construction level via mahogany homes. The benefits are the pool, quick teleport options, more bank space because of storages, etc.
  • Farming - Don't forget to do (or let us do) farm runs. You will need a lot of supplies for PvMing.

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