How to buy USDT-TRX on ByBit

25 Mar 2022

How to buy USDT-TRX on ByBit

Entering Crypto

1. Use the following referral link to create an account on Bybit. (one of the best crypto exchanges)

2. Create an account by entering and E-Mail and password.

3. Buy cryptocurrencies (USDT or USDC) in the top left. Buy Crypto -> Express -> Choose USDT and the payment method. 

Picture of entering crypto:

How to send Crypto

1. Click on the button top right that says Assets and take the Spot option.

2. Click on the withdraw option top right.

3. Choose a cryptocurrency (either BTC or USDT) and follow the instructions we provide.

4. Continue and confirm to send us the chosen cryptocurrency.

Guide how to send Crypto:

Reasons to use Cryptos

+ Almost instant payments via USDT (TRC20)

+ Learn about a new, exciting and futuristic technology

+ Low / no fees (if sending internationally)

+ Investment chance

+ Cryptos are yours and you can do whatever the fuck you want with it.

Risks when dealing with Cryptos

- BTC can go up and down and people are scared to lose their money.

- To avoid this buy USDT or USDC. Both are stablecoins and do go up nor down in price. 

- You can use those two coins to have the benefits of crypto without the speculative risk.